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HSC suggestion 2018 English 1st Paper | HSC English suggestion for 100% Common

HSC exam 2018 is a way far from the students. Hsc Examiners are taking their final preparation. Today I will provide HSC suggestion 2018.

This Article is about HSC suggestion 2018 English 1st Paper

We know that HSC exam 2018 is knocking at the door. HSC suggestion 2018 English 1st paper is very important to the hsc examiners. HSC suggestion 2018 English 1st paper is out. Below you can get the exclusive English 1st paper suggestion for HSC exam 2018. HSC suggestion 2018 for English subject is available now. This suggestion is for all education Board of Bangladesh


Seen Passage:

  1. Tertiary Education in Bangladesh…..
  2. Conflict can be described …………….
  3. A vast Mangrove forest shared by Bangladesh & India….
  4. Human animals and plants are………………….
  5. Stephen Hawking was born in 1942…….
  6. In recent years , there have been many alarming reports…..
  7. Hakaluki Haor is known as a good grazing land………..
  8. A craftwork is an applied art…………………
  9. Bangladesh is blessed with huge inland open…
  10. The term “diaspora” is used to refer the people …


  1. A book fair
  2. International Mother language day
  3. Tree plantation
  4. Deforestation
  5. Environment Pollution
  6. Information Technology
  7. Water pollution
  8. National Flag of Bangladesh
  9. Bangabandhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman
  10. Our liberation war

Writing Story:

  1. Story about Sheikh Sadi
  2. A story about An honest wood cutter
  3. Bayajid’s devotion
  4. Unity is strength
  5. One day a boy was walking along a railway
  6. A lion and a mouse
  7. A thirsty crow
  8. Two friends and a bear
  9. King Midas
  10. The wisdom of king Solomon


  1. Importance of learning English
  2. Congratulation on brilliant success
  3. Consoling your friend on his illness
  4. Benefit of reading newspaper
  5. Thanking your friends hospitality
  6. Condolence at ones  father’s death


  1. Illiteracy problem
  2. Importance of learning English
  3. Importance of Early rising
  4. Importance of tree plantation
  5. Importance of reading newspaper
  6. Opening a bank account
  7. Use and abuse of mobile phone

You can also download the image of HSC English 1st paper suggestion 2018 from below.

Download (PDF, Unknown)



hsc suggestion 2018 English 1st paper

Download HSC English suggestion 2018 pdf from below.

Download HSC suggestion 2017 pdf English 1st Paper


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